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The Q Timex Pepsi Snoopy: Why I Bought It

Updated: Feb 20

It’s been two years since Timex unveiled the Q Timex Reissue. It’s been hyped and overhyped. I’ve considered buying it, but I’d be lying if I said that it has been on my radar all this time.

Since its release, I’ve already liked the pepsi bezel, blue dial, and faux patina. But I never pulled the trigger. Two years after the hype, I bought it. So say, what changed?

I. The Snoopy Dial, Obviously

The most obvious is the Snoopy dial. I am somehow drawn to cartoon characters on watches (but much to the dismay of my wife, not on TV). Whether it’s a Rolex Mickey Mouse or a Gerald Genta Donald Duck. There’s something about the juxtaposition of seriousness and childishness that gets me.

For a while I’ve considered getting the Timex Marlin with a Snoopy dial. But I was never quite fully convinced, due to the price and the fact that I already have similar watches with the same configuration (steel case, white dial and leather band – in fact most of my watches are like this).

Integrated case and bracelet design, as well as the pepsi bezel, however, are not something I have in my collection. Indeed, these were the details that first caught my attention two years ago. And now with a Snoopy dial, it makes the watch that much more unique. It also comfortably pushes the Q Timex Reissue over to a fun weekend watch.

On a more personal level, one of the fondest memories I have of my childhood was when I was walking along a beach in Crete with my family when suddenly a white puppy approached me and we started running along the beach together. His name was Snoopy. Every time I check the time, I shall remember that memory.

II. The Bracelet Replacement

The biggest let-down for me when I handled the Q Timex Reissue two years ago was the bracelet. First, I don’t like the design. Yes, I understand it’s an homage to the original watch from the 70s. However, given the colorful bezel (and now Snoopy dial), the watch can use some less funky design for its bracelet.

Second, the bracelet feels incredibly cheap. A quick look from the side reveals the folds in each link. I don’t expect a watch at this price point to come with solid links, but I do expect the gaps to be tighter.

After a quick search on the internet, I learned that Casio’s bracelet fits the Q Timex. What differentiates Casio’s bracelet from other 18mm bracelets is that it features protruding wings at 2mm on each side, which connects better to the edge of the case of the watch.

Casio’s bracelet also features folded links, but it is so well machined that one cannot really see the gaps in each link. The design is also much more solemn, like an oyster bracelet. There is a slight gap between the wings and the case when worn, but it is hardly noticeable. The obvious downside to using this bracelet is that it is stamped Casio on the clasp. I’m still looking for a plain clasp, but in the mean time I won’t let it bother me. It’s a fun watch after all, and I won’t let the clasp distract from it.

III. The Movement

Not for its horological significance. Not at all. Yes, it’s Seiko’s PC33 quartz movement, which is a workhorse movement—yada-yada, you’ve heard all of this before. But other than the reasons above, the reason I bought this watch is because it is simply a quartz watch.

Ever since Covid-19 hit, I don’t wear watches on a daily basis on account that I rarely leave my apartment. During the old normal, I’d usually wear one automatic watch or alternate two automatic watches for a week, which is enough wrist time to keep them going for the whole week.

Now that I don’t wear watches daily, all of my automatic watches need to be set each time I head out. Sometimes I don’t have the time or patience for that. My no-fuss, grab-as-I-go watch before this was the all-black Casioak, which has a very particular look and doesn’t really go with smarter outfits.

Now I have an option to wear a smarter watch whenever I go out. And since I mostly ever go out for groceries or meet family members, the fun dial and bezel are never too casual.

IV. Closing

Is it the best watch for the price? No. Is it the best quartz watch for the price? Also no.

But objective quality is not the reason I bought this watch. I won’t justify this purchase by arguing on its quality or bang per buck. And that’s fine.

A few years ago, after two years of contemplation, I bought the Seiko SARB035. It is on paper a very good, everyday watch. I ultimately sold it because the watch was too “everyday,” too conservative, and too plain; it lacked the x-factor, oomph, and funny feeling in my stomach when I wear it – despite it being an objectively good watch.

This Timex is actually the opposite. It is objectively not a very good watch. But it has a pepsi bezel, faux lume, and Snoopy on the dial. Sometimes, that’s better than wearing a good watch. It remains to be seen whether the watch will give me the same feeling years and years down the line.

However, at IDR 3.8 million (local Indonesian price), this watch is not that big of a financial risk as the SARB035. We’ll see how this purchase will pan out. Till then, I’ll continue wearing (and not setting) this watch.

Written by: Nikki Krisadtyo


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