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Review of Semir Products and Services

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I've known Patrick of Semir for around three years now. I came to know him when I first bought Saphir products after I bought my first welted shoes in 2016. I can say that all of my shoes (except for the ones that I recently bought in London) have either been polished by Patrick himself or polished using products that Patrick sold to me. Here is a short overview and review of the goods and services provided by Semir.

Glaçage on the cap by Patrick. Shoes by Winson.

Patrick is one of the official stockists of Saphir products in Indonesia. He sells anything from creams to trees to laces—anything one would need for fine leather shoes.

Patrick also provides numerous shoe care services, including regular leather maintanance, mirror shine and leather recolouring and patina. He mainly uses Saphir products for his services.

Numerous shoe brands have collaborated with Patrick, including Winson Shoemakers and Fortuna Shoes. One of the bigger collaborations Patrick had was with Winson a few years ago when they developed two hand-painted shoes together, a whole cut loafer and adelaide cap-toe oxford. Winson would make the shoes and Patrick would polish the shoes before sending them out to customers. I understand that Patrick also hand-painted a few of the shoes himself. I had a pair of shoes made from this collaboration—a dark brown cap-toe adelaide oxford with antiquing around the toe and heel.

Semir x WInson adelaide cap-toe oxford with hand-painted crust leather on the Marlyn last. Picture by Winson.

I've also used Patrick's mirror-shine service. My Winson adelaide wingtip (review here) was polished and delivered by Patrick. I have also sent him a few of my shoes for a mirror shine, including my Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue.

Winson adelaide wingtips polished by Semir. Picture by Semir.

The prices he charges for his services are very reasonable. He charges Rp. 50,000 (around USD4) for a standard shine, Rp. 150,000 (around USD11) for a mirror shine, and Rp. 250,000 (around USD18) for recolouring. This price is very reasonable considering the Saphir products he uses for his services and the difficulty of the job (not everyone can achieve a mirror shine or recolour their shoes).

I would definitely recommend his services, especially to those just getting into this hobby. In addition to providing great products and services, Patrick is always more than happy to answer any questions you may have on shoes.

If you want the full price list and further details of Patrick's services, he can be reached at:

IG: @semir_idn


Jl. Kelapa Hybrida XRA 29 No 8, 14250, Jakarta, Indonesia Jakarta, 14250 Indonesia


Fun fact: Semir literally means "polish" in Indonesian.

Written by Nikki Krisadtyo.


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